Shift Manager at Cinnabon / Jamba and Nestle Toll House-Haagen Dazs

Jay Gaines
Phone number +1-704-519-8297

Job Opportunity at Cinnabon / Jamba and Nestle Toll House-Haagen Dazs in Carolina Place

Full Time
Posted Mon, Sep 20
Jay Gaines
Phone number +1-704-519-8297

Responsible for all aspects of the operations of the store during all hours of operations; responsible for maintaining the operating standards, implementing company policies, maximizing net operating income, and for representing our Mission and Philosophy to its guests, crew members, and community

  • Perform any and all duties required of crew members.
  • Direct and coordinate the activities of staff in absence of Manager or Assistant Manager
  • Enforce dress code and personal appearance standards in accordance with uniform policies.
  • Assist, supervise, and monitor training of all staff
  • In consultation with Store Manager, determine personal schedule based on the requirements or the position. Required to work 2 Nights per week & 1 Sunday per Month Minimum.
  • In the event of a call-off and/or no-show, secure a replacement. If no replacement is found it is your duty to cover shift and make adjustments to schedule for the duration of the schedule
  • Assist Manager with staff evaluations consistent with guidelines set forth by District Manager.
  • Monitor staffing levels and labor costs to maximize efficiency and control labor expense ratios
  • Provide for the accurate taking of weekly & monthly physical inventory 
  • Review all invoices from vendors and other suppliers of goods and services and promptly email invoice to office. Date and initial invoice after emailing and file away for records
  • Monitor inventory levels, production, waste, unauthorized “giveaways,” etc. to control Cost of Good, without compromising product quality. Cost of goods budget is determined by Brand
  • At all times direct and lead operations with the goal of increasing sales, reducing expenses, and maximizing Net Operating Income in accordance with Monthly & Annual Budget.
  • Assist and supervise the ongoing and periodic cleaning and maintenance of all equipment and facilities